The Areo Art Associates Studio was formed in 1987. From its inception, it has been dealing with various fields of the building sector: residential houses, shops, restaurants, resorts, offices and workshops, ensuring every aspect of the realization of the work: from the structural design to plant engineering, from the architectural to interior design.
By way of a multi-disciplinary approach, the Studio has been developing the latest tools of project design and graphic control, while combining, especially in the restoration and building renovation sectors, the Florentine handicraft tradition.
The Associates have recently focused on the building-integrated energy aspects according to the principles of the eco-architectonical sustainability.

Interior Design

Over the years we have developed a specific expertise in high-level interior project design, integrating the most advanced technical solutions along with the most valuable craftwork with the aim of combining classical sensitivity with more contemporary trends. We have realized unique and exclusive spaces thanks to suppliers and artisans we have selected over the years to offer works of high prestige and quality.